Betsy DeVos to Meet with Eighth Grade Class from Grand Rapids

Betsy DeVos to Meet with Eighth Grade Class from Grand Rapids

Eighth-graders from a Christian school in Grand Rapids will soon get to visit Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The school is one that her husband Dick and herself have supported since the 1980s, providing low-income students with scholarships to attend the private school.

36 eight grade students will meet with DeVos as part of the school’s trip to Washington.  The trip has also included stops at museums and other national tourist attractions in Washington D.C. The Potter’s House school Superintendent John Booy was excited to share the experience of the school trip.

“It’s the first time they’ve been able to do something like that,” said Booy, who was en route to Washington with the students and their chaperones on Monday morning.

“We hope to have a great week. The students are planning to have dinner with Mrs DeVos at the conclusion of their stay in Washington. Students will hear DeVos speak and will also be able to answer questions before heading back to Grand Rapids.

The Potter’s House school was established in 1981 in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood of Grand Rapids. It started with just a dozen or so students. Dick and Betsy DeVos began donating money to the school and providing scholarships in the late 1980s and have been regularly donors since that time.  The school now has a student body of more than 540 students ranging from pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade spanning two different campuses.

DeVos and her husband, Dick, visited the Potter’s House in the late 1980s and began regularly donating money to the school to provide scholarships for children whose parents couldn’t otherwise afford the tuition.

Betsy DeVos has stated that her involvement in the Potter’s House school inspired her to get involved in local and state education, along with the school of choice movement.

“I saw the struggle of so many families who were just trying to access the same opportunities and choices for their children that my husband and I had for ours,” DeVos said in a March speech to the Council of the Great City Schools.

“Schools like The Potter’s House gave kids the chance to succeed and thrive, but for every student who got the chance to attend The Potter’s House, I knew there were others stuck in schools not meeting their needs. I decided then to help as many of these families as I possibly could.”

Betsy DeVos now serves as Education Secretary under President Trump.

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