Downtown GR Restaurant Closes Due to Health Code Violations

Downtown GR Restaurant Closes Due to Health Code Violations

x0A popular downtown Asian restaurant XO has closed its doors due to chronic health code violations. The restaurant claimed that the closing was due to mechanical issues with a dishwasher, but the truth is that they have failed over 30 health code violations in recent months.  The county had little choice but to shut them down, at least temporarily.

The Asian restaurant is not new to following safety food inspection codes.  It has a long history of violations and its failure to correct these violations led to the shutdown.

“This was a routine inspection that resulted in the closure of the facility for a minimum of 7 consecutive days,” an inspector wrote in an April 21 report of XO’s review. “An inspection must be conducted and the facility must be approved prior to their re-opening.”

An April 21st inspection found numerous violations.  Prepare yourself, because you may never eat in another restaurant again!

• Food was being stored under a sewer line in the basement
• Food was being stored under a leaky ceiling
• Rodent droppings were found under and near where food was being stored
• Gloves that were to be used one time for handling raw shrimp were being used for handling utensils and cleaning items
• Cooked chicken and pork were stored in coolers that were warmer than the 41-degree guideline.  (third violation)

And there were more, but we won’t sicken you any longer with the details.   The restaurant has been ordered to pay $6000 in fines for the numerous violations.

So next time you eat out, you may wonder what is going on in the backroom!



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