Historic East Grand Rapids Mansion for Sale for $1.275 Million

kindelmansionWe have all driven down Plymouth road between Robinson and Hall St. in East Grand Rapids and wondered what it would be like to live any one of the historic homes along that stretch of road.   If you have always wanted to live there, this is your chance.

The historic Kindel Mansion at 930 Plymouth RD SE has just been put up for sale for a mere $1.275 million.  Built in 1929, the English tudor mansion boasts many modern updates, including granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a new sun room off the music room.

The home was built for Charles J. Kindel, the founder of Kindel Furniture Co.in 1929,  just a few short months before the Great Depression began.

The house includes 6 bedrooms, and a number of nooks and crannies that continue its historic tradition – original oak flooring and woodwork, a “telephone room”, a dumbwaiter (now disabled) that reaches from the basement to the attic, and maid’s quarters where an antique intercom still exists.

The house will be open for viewing by potential buyers on April 17th at 4:0PM  For more information, visit the GRAR listing page here.

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