Hundreds Participate in People’s Climate March in Downtown Grand Rapids

Hundreds Participate in People’s Climate March in Downtown Grand Rapids

A few hundred people marched in downtown Grand Rapids Saturday in what has been called across the nation as the People’s Climate March.

Parents brought their children hoping it will inspire them to be aware of how the potential change in the climate may affect them as they grow older.

Many who attended the march felt the same way.

“I think there’s just dangers for our kids as they’re growing up in terms of global warming and pollution and all the dangers that come with that,” another marcher said.  No one  seemd to be deterred by  the unseasonably cool weather however.

Many attending believe that for the U.S. to stay ahead of climate change, the Trump administration needs to change.

“We want him (Trump) to be impeached, we want all his people to go and let us do what we need to do to make our planet good again, America is already great, we need to keep it going”, one participant said.  No doubt that all the marchers arrived to march for climate change from their electric vehicles.   Well, maybe there was one, who knows.

One marcher was concerned with a 64-year old pipeline that was expected to last only 50 years.   Most likely no one was concerned when the pipeline went in during the Kennedy/Johnson administration over a half century ago.

“An oil pipeline that starts in Superior, Wisconsin, and breaks into twin pipelines through the straits of Mackinaw and runs through over back to Canada,” said Stephanie Mabie, referring to Enbridge’s Line 5 oil pipeline.  “It’s an unnecessary threat to our Great Lakes.  It was projected to last 50 years and it is now 64 years old and it’s a time bomb,” she added.

As with many of these types of events lately, there is no specific agreement on exactly what protesters are marching about, but it seems to be the “spirit” that is the important factor. To commemorate the end of President Trump’s 100th day in office, the marchers tapped their chests 100 times.   The march is an offshoot and related to the one happening in Washington D.C., and others in major cities asking for “climate reform”.

Washington lawmakers can now add the task of “reforming the climate” to their already busy schedules.  After the march, protesters climbed into their cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks and drove home, feeling good about how they were able to contribute to controlling pollution and climate change in their own special way.

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